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Working in Canada

On social media we often see questions about how to come to work in Canada. There aren’t many possibilities, either you can join the Working Holiday program or you must have an employer willing to hire you.

In order for an employer to hire a foreign worker, he must ask the government for authorization by applying for an LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment). In the application, one must demonstrate that one has attempted hiring a Canadian worker or permanent resident, that the company has the financial capacity to pay the salary and must pay a median salary of the profession. On the other hand, it is also necessary to demonstrate that the foreign worker who is hired has the ability to respond to the need of the employer.

This procedure can take several months. Only when the procedure is approved can a work permit be applied for. Applications for a work permit can be made online or at the point of entry when arriving in Canada if you have a citizenship exempt from a visitor permit to enter Canada. This is the rule, then there are obviously exceptions depending on the professions.

Finding work in Canada is not easy if you do not already hold a work permit but employers are open to the possibility because there is a great shortage of labor in Canada at the moment in many professions, from cooks to mechanics, to software developpers. Just be careful who you entrust your application to, no one can guarantee you will find a job and no one can guarantee you that you will get a work permit.