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Family Law

Our family law services

Whether you are married, about to be married, or in a common-law relationship, it is important to fully understand your interests and those of your children before, during and at the end of the union. Our family law professionals understand that the concerns relating to life as a couple are multiple and complex.

The benefits of our family law services
  • Commercial aspects . Often, business people have assets that are difficult to value or realize. It also happens that spouses are partners in the same business. Members of our Business Law group will be able to help clarify and reorganize the assets at stake.
  • Inheritance aspects . Working with our Estates, Wills and Trusts group ensures that your estate planning remains consistent with your intentions after your divorce.
  • Mediation . Mediation is recognized as an advantageous method of resolving disputes, usually cheaper and faster than resorting to traditional courts. Experienced family law advisors will be able to pave the way for a rapid and harmonious resolution of marital disputes, whether or not the spouses choose to be accompanied by their lawyers.

We handle all aspects of divorce law

For those families with children, child custody often becomes the most important matter to address. When this issue is contested, parents want the best possible attorneys for the sake of their children. Our firm is well known for the care, attention and expertise that its attorneys provide in all cases involving children.

A divorce entails the division of family assets. If the parties already agree as to what will go to whom, then this aspect of the divorce can be managed quickly and at little costs. If there is disagreement, then you need a well-informed attorney who can properly advise you in every respect of this potentially complicated aspect of divorce. With medium and lower asset divorces, questions such as “who gets the car” or “how much of the business is personal property how much is part of the matrimonial regime” can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

In high and very high asset divorces where the division of property is hotly contested, proper diligence, knowledge of the law and attention to detail can literally save millions of dollars. The division of assets in Quebec and Montreal divorce law is even more complicated than that of most other jurisdictions because property is divided according to two different regimes – that of Family Patrimony and that of the chosen or default marital regime. This is an area in which you want dedicated experts to inform, assist and represent you.

Unlike other areas of the law, final judgments in family law are not necessarily considered ‘final’. Children grow up, health conditions vary and financial situations evolve. Certain circumstances can open the door to requesting a variation of certain corollary aspects of a divorce judgment.

In Montreal family law matters, we apply the Canadian Divorce Act, the Civil Code of Quebec and the Code of Civil Procedures to determine what aspects of the judgment can be changed and when. As leaders in the field of international family law, our firm has often made jurisprudence in varying the orders of foreign courts. As Montreal divorce lawyers, we also handle purely local matters on a regular basis.

Collecting spousal support from someone in another jurisdiction can sometimes be a major challenge. Contesting spousal support orders when you yourself are in another jurisdiction and are ordered to pay an amount that does not match your income can be devastating. Montreal divorce lawyers have to take into consideration the abilities of international parties to work and support themselves given that the Montreal area operates in two languages – French and English.

Your family, our priority

Family matters are simultaneously delicate and complex. The legalities of marriage, separation, divorce, common law relationships, civil unions, spousal support, parenting time and child support can be overwhelming.

Our professionals are prepared to assist you through the process.
Whether you are celebrating a milestone or in the midst of a familial crisis, it is important that you know your legal rights. Our team can advise you of your rights, and help you develop a legal strategy that will best suit your needs and guide you through the process expeditiously. We provide legal advice with regards to custody, marriage contracts, separation and divorce proceedings, division of marital assets and claims regarding spousal and child support.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you excellent service and navigating you through the legal process.

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